Melodii album "lee the kwon"

Song: Never Be The Same by Camilla Cabello Credits: Starry, Be My Dream, Luxury Time.
H A P P Y A N D R E A D A Y ! ! ! I love you so much baby! I hope you enjoy your 18th birthday! Wonwoo is my gift so get your birthday suit ready ;)) - m.
For Pamela, I love you and Happy Birthday.
Videos used: - (Picnic Live Season2 EP.108) SEVENTEEN - HIGHLIGHT - [SPECIAL VIDEO] '17 JAPAN CONCERT Say the name #SEVENTEEN' Performance ...
All videos are taken from Seventeen's Official Channel All photos are from Dispatch Audios used: - Charli XCX - Boys - Charli XCX - Boys (J.A. Remix)
Song: I Like Me Better by LAUV Videos used: All the photos were taken from twitter: mostly ...
Credits to: - Be My Dream.
Well, i sin.
SoonHoon Fest Round 1 Prompt #42: Partition Credits to the fancams I used. Song: Partition - Beyonce (Remix)
yo ~
Well :') Talk to me on twitter: @leethekwon credits to the original owners of the videes ~
My relationship with sony vegas is not so good. LMAO Credits to the original owners :) Talk to me on twitter: @Leethekwon.
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