Melodii album "matthew j. smith"

Scared the wife getting into bed with a giant fake cockroach.
racist weasel wants to be a monkey.
smack cam on the wife.
This is awesome. An enthusiastic pastor making things interesting and funny.
This guy had this planned from the start, you can see it in his face. I think its great. It took some nuts to pull off this joke. And im thankful he had them.
Wife was sleeping on the couch and my 5 yr son said he had to fart and was going to do it in moms face while she slept. so I turned the camera on and said go ...
I participated in 2 Skits and WON the Talent Show 1-1-2018.
Me and Matt Profit doing the Hitchhiker Skit at Teen Challenge 2017 at the welcoming service.
April 2018 Graduation PAATC Slideshow HD.
My April 2018 Encouragement Teen Challenge Graduation service video.
April Announcements And Teen Challenge The Real world episode 1.
Was looking threw old childhood photos and noticed something I've never seen before. Can you spot them?
One of my favorite childhood show theme songs. Reading Rainbow (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE)
One of my favorite childhood cartoon theme songs (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE)
On of my favorite childhood cartoon theme songs. Oodeeyayy. (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE)