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Will a struggling Philly team beat very good team in Oakland in the season opener for both teams?
Will the #14 ranked Gilles Somin beat the #3 ranked player in the tennis world in you?
Will a struggling Granda 1-6-2 team beat a very good Barcelona team who is 9-0-0.
Will the #26 ranked Jeremy Chyrda beat #3 ranked you in the Quarterfinals?
Will the #1 8-0-0 FC Barcelona team beat #3 ranked Gijon team with a 4-2-2 record in the Primera Liga game of the day?
Will #3 ranked beat #38 ranked Julien Baneaute. Julien is good but is he good enough to win?
Will #1 ranked USA beat Croatia and have a prefect season, including the playoffs.
Will the 0-5-2 Getafe team beat 7-0-0 Barcelona? Barcelona is a very good team so it is going to be hard for Getafe to win.
Will the #3 ranked player you beat #50 Albert Romas in the round of 32?
Will #1 ranked USA beat dominated like they've been over #11 ranked Croatia.
Will the #62 ranked Wimbledon uspet #3 ranked you in the 2nd round of the Wimbledon grand slam tournament?
USA is up 1-0 in the series vs Argentina and Argentina is going to have to beat USA 2 games in a row in the series to beat USA and advance to the semifinals.
Will the #74 ranked Lukas Locka upset #3 you?
Will 6-0-0 Barcelona beat Eibar 1-5-0 in the Primera Liga on Stickman TV +?
Here is my week 7 predictions for the NFL. Has the Thursday Night Football game as well as the CBS London game & the first 4 regional games.