Melodii album "jack of all trades"

My Thai is non-existent and my Chinese is not too strong but I believe this is episode five from the Thai TV drama, "It's Complicated'. I'm not sure which season.
This edit shows Tala and Leyla, two women who become lovers. From the 2004 film. All rights belong to the producers.
A short film about a pretty young student in love with her beautiful French teacher. I apologize for the Chinese subtitles but it was the only version of the full film I ...
A shocking short film about lesbian love and the disastrous influence of the kind of antiquated, conservative thinking that is still prevalent in Asian society and ...
Just some girls I met here and there. No, I won't give you their wechat or weibo accounts.
A love triangle between a teacher and her two students.
I have edited the love scenes from the song. All rights belong to the producers.
A Japanese story about a kind of demon that corrupts young girls with a kiss.
Two schoolgirls in Korea end their romance.
A forbidden lesbian love between two teen girls. From the short film by Pedro Borges. Please watch the whole short here: ...
Close dancing and a few kisses between two teen girls. From the movie "7 Days in Havana"
A short, cute film from Denmark about two teenage girls who find love with each other. Please watch the whole video here.
15. Shimi
A short love story between teenagers, Keely, a ballerina, and Mairi, a girl who is her opposite. Directed by Kate Maveau. Please watch the whole short movie ...