Melodii album "jack of all trades"

This edit shows Tala and Leyla, two women who become lovers. From the 2004 film. All rights belong to the producers.
A short film about a pretty young student in love with her beautiful French teacher. I apologize for the Chinese subtitles but it was the only version of the full film I ...
A shocking short film about lesbian love and the disastrous influence of the kind of antiquated, conservative thinking that is still prevalent in Asian society and ...
Just some girls I met here and there. No, I won't give you their wechat or weibo accounts.
A love triangle between a teacher and her two students.
I have edited the love scenes from the song. All rights belong to the producers.
A Japanese story about a kind of demon that corrupts young girls with a kiss.
Two schoolgirls in Korea end their romance.
A forbidden lesbian love between two teen girls. From the short film by Pedro Borges. Please watch the whole short here: ...
Close dancing and a few kisses between two teen girls. From the movie "7 Days in Havana"
A short, cute film from Denmark about two teenage girls who find love with each other. Please watch the whole video here.
14. Shimi
A short love story between teenagers, Keely, a ballerina, and Mairi, a girl who is her opposite. Directed by Kate Maveau. Please watch the whole short movie ...
A love story between two young girls in Vietnam. I'm not sure of the details because I don't speak Vietnamese.