Melodii album "ldinos"

Wanted to go for a more spooky blitz mode rather than a glorified one like in Twist.
Similar to Bejeweled's 3 secret music, but has some small additions! Check Bejeweled 3 ALL SECRET MUSIC here: Check Twist's ...
With no facebook connection of course.
Used in untimed challenges. This song will be looped Bejeweled Fans Discord:
This is my Bejeweled Project, named Dijeweled. After some months, I got unlazy enough to re-work the game and make it MUCH smoother and prettier!
This is just an edit parody of the (actually beautifully made) Last Tiger mission in BFV. Sorry if some transitions seem too sharp, I had to work with a very laggy ...
Dijeweled Undo button Bejeweled Fans server:
If you are an awesome guy, you can donate me money here and you'll be visibile in an alert in my stream too:
I am bored ok?
You will be able to save some of your matches (most likely blitz matches) as a replay file which will be possible to be opened and viewed! Still work in progress, ...
Didn't record it :( World record maybe?
Or is there?
yay, only took like a week to make.