Melodii album "ldinos"

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I am bored ok?
You will be able to save some of your matches (most likely blitz matches) as a replay file which will be possible to be opened and viewed! Still work in progress, ...
Didn't record it :( World record maybe?
Or is there?
yay, only took like a week to make.
Short answer, no.
Second variant of Avalanche music that plays when you are losing.
New soundtrack that I made when I was bored. Chords motivation came from a dream.
Download Link: Don't forget to read the text inside that folder!! It's important Short tutorial: 1) ...
Note: There was no sound for some reason on the stream, so I put Blitz music on top Wanna watch my streams when I am available? Subscribe on my twitch ...
Any other video suggestions for my new "what if" series? Also I couldn't not make a match after the board loaded.
Thank you Valve for releasing that awesome weapon :) Sorry if the video is kinda blurry. Blame youtube (and dust 2)
Original: by courtemanche437 I just did the edit :)