Melodii album "darlan the fox"

I really like this kind of videos Music: Imposible Artists: Luis Fonsi ft. Ozuna Cartoon / Anime: Sonic X Characters in video: Sonic, Shadow and Amy ( Sonamy and ...
Music: Weapon Artist: M4Sonic.
Music: On The Wire Artists: Allure featuring Christian Burns.
Music: My Shooter Artist: Groove Cutter.
I recorded this with my phone´s microphone while the music gave on TV I think this music doesn´t exist on Internet and that´s why I posted.
This video is some different. Hope you like it :) Music: One Blade Artist: BladeMasterz.
Character: Sonic Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Like An Animal Artists: Conord Maynard & Wideboys.
Character: Sonic Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Replay (Roial Remix) Artist: Aqua Music.
Character: Tails Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Sigamos Bailando Artists: Gianluca Vacchi ft. Luis Fonsi.
Character: Sanic Animations: ...
Characters: Sonic and Knuckles Shipps: Sonamy and Knouge Cartoon: Sonic X Music: X (EQUIS) Artist: Nicky Jam Ft. J. Balvin.
Characters: Sonic and Amy Shipp: Sonamy Cartoon: Sonic Boom Music: Roses Are Red Artist: Aqua.
Character: Sonic Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Mantra Artist: Sebastián Yatra.
This video was recorded on 12-08-2017.
Character: Shadow Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Hielo Artist: Daddy Yankee.