Melodii album "cdgngj11"

From The Angry Beavers.
Happens at the end of some early video releases such as the Ruby Spears version of Beauty and the Beast from 1983.
Seen on early KidVision VHS releases.
From Magic School Bus In A Beehive VHS 1999.
From Wake Up With Elmo VHS 2002.
From the 1988 Pledge drive special on Sesame Street and the Put Down the Duckie special.
From Sesame Street.
Sesame Street version.
From Sesame Street Season 29.
From Nintendo 64 versions of Elmo's Letter Adventure and Elmo's Number Journey.
In this version of the CTW Play it smart logo, There is no PLAY IT SMART words at the bottom. Plus, the shadow still appears behind CTW after the logo forms.
The original one.
CTW logo with BBC info.
CTW logo without BBC info which was seen on later episodes of Ghostwriter.
Only seen on VHS tapes of Square One TV Math Talk.