Melodii album "xynudu"

Avoid damage to cap screw heads - do this now. Camera: Lumix FZ-300.
How good is the clamp function ? This is a first for me. Mustool MT866 Digital Multimeter Voltage Tester-- More Measurement Instrument ...
God's gift to machinists. Camera: Nikon L820.
Trying out my latest camera. Camera: Lumix FZ-300.
This is an edited/shortened version of a video posted earlier. Most regular viewers will have already seen it. Cameras: Nikon L820 Gitup Git2P.
Also known as a bull nose live center and tailstock pipe center Camera: Lumix FZ-300.
Why we have workshops. Camera: Nikon L820.
I give this compact Chinese DC stick welder a reasonably hard work out. Warning serious arc flash ahead. Camera: Nikon L820.
I get set to cannibalize this old and heavy $10 stick welder. Camera: Nikon L820.
Yes, it's quite possible. Just think outside the box. Camera: Nikon L820.
The easiest to use Chinese DC welder so far. Beginners need look no further. The duty cycle has a question mark over it though. Portable MINI IGBT ZX7-200 ...
Still a few bugs to iron out. Camera: Nikon L820.
The perils of buying second hand tooling. Camera: Nikon L820.
I try some tool post milling with Hilda. This is where having a drill chuck on a rotary tool is a big advantage. Camera: Nikon L820.
A bit of feel good stuff for Sherline and other micro owners. Camera: Nikon L820.