Melodii album "xynudu"

Those pesky birds are at it again. Spotted doves - originally introduced from Asia are a real pest. You often hear them in my videos. Camera: Nikon L820.
A workshop winner. Camera: Nikon L820.
A $10 clamp that reads DC and AC. So close, but no cigar. ANENG DT3266L AC/DC Handheld Digital Clamp Tester Multimeter -- More ...
Very similar to my old USA Century repulsion start motor. Camera: Nikon L820.
This one has a boiler and runs on actual steam.
I think it turned out pretty nice. Build specifications are in comments section for the previous video on this little home brew engine. Camera: Nikon L820.
I was surprised there is so little on this subject out there. One for the newbies. Camera: Nikon L820.
Yep. Did the job nicely. Compression came right back up. Camera: Nikon L820.
Warning: ear protection required. Camera: Nikon L820.
Is this the best buy of the century, or just a big headache ? Camera; Nikon L820.
Basic prep work on a rough alloy slug from the steel pipe casting method. Camera: Nikon L820.
It's a smooth operator. Seat of the pants engineering at it's best. Build specifications are in the comments section. Camera: Nikon L820.
I touch bases on where everything is at and what's happening. Cliffs Shed: ...
Think grinding is bad for a lathe ? Try case hardening damage. Camera: Nikon L820.
I think we've all been here. Camera: Nikon L820.