Melodii album "xxmint teaxx"

This is for creambrabbits Gacha contest.
This took me 3 day And there were 189 frames in the video Also all music used were from ariana Grande BTW Join my discord okey.
My cousin sent me this beacause I was addicted to bakougo from my hero akidemia Also the music is not mine it is rightful to the owner.
This is my edit entry yeet lol.
I drew this in paper first so that counts as not tracing right.
I work hard on this so please enjoy it.
Time taken 1 hour (just timelapsed)
If u are joining thanks a lot and today is my birthday so thanks for the gift. Put #MintTeaContest as ur video name or send me a link here The deadline is ...
I worked hard on this one so yep Background:
This is just a test im currently working on the hot milk meme.