Melodii album "xxmint teaxx"

Uwu sorry if the title might be misleading to you but I still hope u enjoy! Discord:
Hello mint we are so close to 3k lego xd Thank you so much and be sure to join my discord I might give some higher roles out
The audio was assassininja's check her out this is a custom audio she sent me lol Original by Gacha Mint lol.
Uwu sorry for not posting I'm lazy hehehe.
Sorry I reposted I accidentally double the time.
Yeet it's been almost a week so I'm posting it gachatube!
Okey bring in the hate.
Yeet ima submit something to gachatube soon this is the character of the meme I'm submitting btw this is just a test not a part of the actually meme.
This is for creambrabbits Gacha contest.
This took me 3 day And there were 189 frames in the video Also all music used were from ariana Grande BTW Join my discord okey.
My cousin sent me this beacause I was addicted to bakougo from my hero akidemia Also the music is not mine it is rightful to the owner.
This is my edit entry yeet lol.
I drew this in paper first so that counts as not tracing right.