Melodii album "hello keytty"

here is taes playlist, hope you fw it...i was tryna upload it earlier but it took 3hrs to get yeet ig: hello.keytty spotify: shutupellybear.
i hope you all had a beautiful Christmas if you celebrate ! if you don't i hope your day is wonderful and happy and filled with joy and love ❣ if you feel a little ...
the original dance is sooooo slowwww so i was like this song is lit,,, lets make a vid so i shat this out ig: hello.keytty spotify: shutupellybear.
saw this was made by someone before but like,,,i wanted to make one so i did,,,, ig: hello.keytty.
hello whores.
besides shoppin baby whats ya hobbies ig: hello.keytty.
thanks for subscribing even tho ive been off my shit even tho summer was the perfect time to be on my shit but ive been watching cartoons for the entire 3 months ...
it had to happen KPOP APPAREL: use "STRAWBERRYJAM" for 10% off ig: hello.keytty.
idk whts goin on, im fucked up, cant feel my face so i made this ig: hello.keytty KPOP APPAREL: use "STRAWBERRYJAM" for 10% off ...
not the normal love story ++++++ ig: hello.keytty.
idk what is happening,,, idk what this is original video:
den she told me put it on her chinny chin chin ++++++++++ spotify: shutupellybear ig: hello.keytty.
yuh +++ KPOP APPAREL: use "STRAWBERRYJAM" for 10% off +++ ig: hello.keytty.
bounce it like i know you know ig: hello.keytty tumblr: hello--keytty spotify: SHUTUPELLYBEAR.
what is a bts song you skip when it comes on? DONT SAY U SKIP IT CAUSE IT MAKES U EMO, SAY THE ONES THAT U GENUINELY DISLIKE.