Melodii album "theartisticgirl1"

Made with PicFlow » Song by Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand.
Just a quick tribute to one of my favorite tracks "Firebending Training".
Short little edgy video for the tough and super awesome Silvan Elves. *no copyright intended*
Something I made that combines TOLKIEN and Avatar. I like to call it my little trailer for when the boxed set of all six movies come out. No copyright intended.
I think this song fits Korra. Especially with how she is in book 4. Enjoy :) *no copyright infringement intended*
Together we can end the exploitation and murder of hundreds of innocent animals. So heartbreaking to know that this is what humanity has become. Any charity ...
Go to sleep...
Made with PicFlow » Song by Adiemus - Adiemus.
Just a short clip of nature mixed with Adiemus, who sings this beautiful song.
i do not own these photos or this music. originall meant to be a tauriel tribute, but i threw in a couple of legolas and thranduil. tem mirkwood unite!
i do not own thses photos or this music.
this is for all the people who love my other two princess videos. please don't bash this one.
i own nothing.
I OWN NOTHING! B-Day video for my cousin.