Melodii album "bigfriends1"

You won't want to make some one made to storm off all over the place.
Anyone has that one friend who sleep in two much and needs a wake up call.
No matter what you say we all want to do that one day.
If fighting is not the way then we must use our words that's the only way to do it.
You can't leave him on his own for a second.
If only everyone can fly like this saves time and you can go anywhere.
If only with can fight like that in real life it will be ebitk and you will be on the ech on your seats.
Do what you like but better learn from this so you know some of the good pranks and good knowledge of your friends so you can plan your attack.
If you want to go out with a bang this is the way to do it.
Half the time you can't understand the doctor is he on coffee or what.
Some times you have to do some crazy things to jump start your heart so you can help a friend or save the would.
This is mad science stuff to punch a hole through time and space.
He has new hope for the future and for his son.
everyone has different levels of drunks some are simple and there are out off hands ones so just watch and see what happens.
This is what happens when you take to much drug's at once you will be running and screaming like this crazy fool.