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Download Dragonhearted //Original Gacha meme// (Finished)
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Yay! Finally done it! Also, as the same on the WIP vid of this meme, I'm just making this meme for the Gacha Community only. You can make an Original ...
Download 🌠R.I.P berry dragonheart🌠
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Don't says depressed is fake Or He just lying or fake it... Berry closer friends know him longer than us Their a proofs...
Download Dragonhearted meme | gacha studio| Idea and original by Berry Dragonheart
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Download Gacha Studio - Dragonhearted Meme
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Hey guys! I hope you like this! Hey now you know Ryuka is half Dragon! How will Reyes react about this? Well i'm giving credits to this wonderfull Gachatuber ...
Download Dragon Hearted Meme (Original By: Berry Dragonheart)
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Download Dragonhearted //Original Gacha meme// (WIP)
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Yas! Another meme made by me! It's still a work in progress ;-; I'll finish it later on. Also, I realize some of you guys might say "Don't make a meme with a Dress ...
Download DragonHearted | Music Video | Gacha Studio | Try Hard Ninja
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Music maker:
Download DRAGONHEARTED - 50k Animation
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Thank you guys so much! I love all of you beautiful beans! \(*≧∀≦*)/ This is not an animation meme! Please don't remake this! ; v ...
Download Dragonhearted|meme{genderbend}
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Original by my senpai berry dragonheart X3 Mico isn't a dragon he's a monster Enjoy ;3.
Download 🎵
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Noteblock Cover of Dragonhearted (New Version!) by CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja. Now with subtitle! watch the Original Video Here: ...
Download Everything Stays //Gacha Studio// (The last video of Berry Dragonheart)
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Why the Last video of Berry Dragonheart? He wanted a change, he had enough of using Gacha Studio for making videos. He will be animating for now.
Download Dragonhearted meme (read description)
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Original meme is made by Berry Dragonheart (Am I even a Dragonheart ;-;)
Download Dragonhearted MAP part 17 (for Jimi Gibs) (remake)
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Download Savage Berry the sequel (gift for Berry Dragonheart)
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Original comic dub by Shavs Media Production Berry and Mischo by Berry Dragonheart Alice by Luni.
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