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Download Copycat GMV (wip) | gacha studio (Idea by BeeBee Berry)
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Download Copycat - GMV - Gacha Studio
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I'm certainly proud of this. . Even though. .its cringe on other people's opinion,I really don't mind it. ^^ Still,I really hope you liked this video.
Download Copycat meme (Remake is finally finished) //Gacha Studio//
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FINALLY DONE! PHEW, WORKING REALLY HARD ON IT ;_; (Sorry for caps, I'm just really excited to post this cause I wanna do a sub special after it ...
Download What I do when I'm the Drama Police Leader - Gacha Studio ( Read Description. . )
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[ EDIT - 5/19/18 ]: Please Stop saying I copied Miku Dreams or Murfie Mittens. . .I uploaded this video 4 or 5 months ago on my old *Banned* Main Channel.
Download Gacha Studio - Teen Idle Vent GMV (Inspired By Beebee Berry) (Ft. Some Gachatubers)
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I hope this video will not get less views and less comments... Gachatubers featured: Aldrin Rainbow Crown (Me) CookieGamerYT (My younger brother) (Already ...
Download Copycat - GMV (Gacha Studio)
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Copycat by Billie Ellish.
Download Cut My Hair Meme-Inspired by BeeBee Berry | Gacha Studio
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It was just a nightmare..... Original: Credit BeeBeeBerry For ideas (I don't want her to hate me)
Download Copycat ♢ gacha studio ♢ GMV
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Finnaly done now it's chocolate time btw thx for the subscriber.
Download COPYCAT {} remake {} gacha studio {} GMV
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Sorry about the remake I just liked this music video.
Download Copycat meme - Gacha Studio (Flash Warning) [FT:Some GachaTubers]
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I did my best on this I hope you enjoyed it :3 ------------------------------------------------------------ GachaTubers in this video ------------------------------------------------------------ ...
Download Copycat meme {gacha studio} (ft gachatubers)
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Phew...I am done with da copycat meme but I havent done da copycat gmv ;-; also I have a test so I couldnt flim vids Here r da gachatubers 1.princess purple ...
Download Little Do You Know (Short GMV) //Gacha Studio//
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I just made cause I'm bored. Also, if you're asking how I did the glitch effects, I used a glitch photo editing app. And yet again, I am not depressed ;_; Hope ya ...
Download It's not like I like you! //Gacha Studio GMV// (Soon to Collab with Kira)
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I'm kinda embarrassed to make this Public ;_; Sorry if I didn't get your permission Kira, I wanna post it so bad ;_; Also, this is a GMV me and Kira are working on.
Download Copycat|Gacha studio|Music Video
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Since no one understands this: Sofia is the copycat but she says she is Angela and the real Angela is a copycat and everyone believes Sofia. So at the party ...
Download When Your Fangirl Tries To Sing A Song For You. . - Gacha Studio
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Rip Bluebie xD Her channel : Inspired by : ( I forgot her name. . ) Audio ...