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Download Delinquent Theme (Full Version)
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Simon Amiot is one of the talented composers who has volunteered to create music for Yandere Simulator! I asked him for a simple rap beat that could play out ...
Download Yandere Simulator Delinquent Theme (10 Hour Version)
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I had to make the quality worse or it would take me 3 days to render :P Original video:
Download Delinquent Theme Remix [Yandere Simulator]
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Musique originale : ▻ Téléchargement sur Soundcloud ...
Download [Yandere Simulator - Delinquent Theme] Piano Tutorial
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Hope this helps. This is my first tutorial and I know it's cringe so don't remind me. Me playing just the song without the tutorial: ...
Download [Yandere Simulator - Delinquent Theme] Piano Cover
Fisier incarcat de EggsWithLeggs
After I posted the the tutorial of this song, almost every comment asked me to make a video of me just playing the song. I delivered! Original song composed by ...
Download Delinquent Update Trailer
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Visit for regular updates about the game's development (and to learn why I made this video)!
Download Yandere Simulator | Delinquent Update Trailer - Song | 1 Hour
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Hello Guys! I... I liked this song really so much and I made a version for 1 Hour! (Sorry for the Quality is the 360p but i don't have space lol) ...
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the song i used the gay roblox video i used lol .
Download yandere sim theme songs!
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sorry for some of the images being pixel. i hope you enjoy and comment who is your fav! sorry i for got to add the song name to the female delinquents, the song ...
Download Yandere Simulator | Delinquent Update Trailer - Song
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All rights reserved to Yandere Dev, creator of the same game "Yandere Simulator" and owner of the auditory track. ------------------------------------- It will not benefit ...
Download Nightcore - Delinquent Theme
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Hey ! :3 Musique : Image ...
Download [Osu!] Delinquent Theme - Simon Aimot | (Or one of my many tries at mapping)
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My try to make the delinquent theme into an osu! map
Download Delinquent Theme - Yandere Simulator
This reupload is meant is meant for the YouTube Music app because the original upload was not for YouTube music. All credit goes to Yandere Dev Original ...
Download Yandere Chan is dancing to the ''Delinquent theme'' ROBLOX!!!
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I just did this for fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry that so many people hated it :c.
Download New Delinquents in Yandere Simulator
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