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Download FNaF 4 mAin menu theme 5 hours VERSION!(by AlexPetrov(c))
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Time montage is same, 2.5 hours.
Download FNAF 3 Menu Theme  - 1 Hour
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Here is another one hour version of a FNAF soundtrack! This soundtrack is used when you're on the main menu when you first open FNAF 3!
Download FNAF Sister Location-Main Theme (1 Hour Loop)
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This Soundtrack Belongs to Scott Cawthon Game FNAF Sister Location belongs to Scott Cawthon :3 Thanks!
Download FNAF World Main Menu theme for 1 hour
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Giving you the pleasure of hearing this for 1 hour no interruptions :) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Jesus: The Finale ...
Download FNAF 4 Main Theme Extended 10 HOURs | Five Nights At Freddy's Main Theme
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FNAF 4 Main Theme Extended 10 HOURs *** Hi! I make 1 hour video of music, game, movie scense, etc. If you want any thing 10 hours, just comment, i ll make .
Download FNAF 1: Main Menu Theme
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Yep a other one. :)
Download FNaF World Main Menu Theme Song Extended   1HOUR
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Fnaf 3 Bad Ending Song Extended 1 HOUR: Download song: like mile widziany :D.
Download FNaF World Main Menu Theme Song Extended
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Download FNaF Sister Location - Menu Theme Extended (10 MIN)
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Download FNaF 1 Main Menu Theme Song Extended
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Damn these flashbacks...
Download FNaF 2 Title Screen Theme 2 Hour Loop
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Original owned by Scott Cawthon. I do not own the song. I just looped it. Enjoy!
Download one hour of the fnaf 6 pizzeria music (Just Add Water)
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I COULDN'T FIX THE BLACK BARS and also this song is so retarded it's been stuck in my head so I made it an hour long fat helpy by the lovely me digital ...
Download FNAF Ambience Extended
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Best sounds for sleeping!
Download fnaf 1,2,3,4,world,sister location main menu music
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music! fnaf 1- 0:00 fnaf 2-1:03 fnaf 3-1:17 fnaf 4-1:57 fnaf world-2:47 fnaf Sister location-4:17.
Download FNaF Ultimate Custom Night Menu Music 10 Hours
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