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Download Chromebook - Reinstall the Chrome OS
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How to restore the Chromebook to factory defaults.
Download Replace Chrome OS with Windows
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Chrome OS is cool but it can't do everything. You can replace Chrome OS with Windows 10 and turn your Chromebook into a Windows Laptop. Text tutorial: ...
Download How to downgrade chrome 18 again
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This is my 2nd time to downgrade Chrome 18! SPECS /// OS: Windows 10 64 bit NOTE: YOUR INTERNET MAKES IT FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Download How to stop Google Chrome from updating, Downgrade it, and have NPAPI support
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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to downgrade Chrome back when it had NPAPI support and prevent it from updating... EVER! Here's some newer ...
Download How to downgrade version of Google Chrome tutorial
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Download How to wipe a chromebook and re-enroll it
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This video gives a short how-to on wiping a chromebook's local data and then re-enrolling it in an admin system.
Download [HowTo] downgrade from latest Chrome to version 18 on Windows 7/8/8.1/10...
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This is showing you to downgrade from Chrome 50 to Chrome 18! Because It will make a performance feel better! It is there my gaming setup with Chrome 18, ...
Download Easily Downgrade Android Apps to the Versions You Like Best [How-To]
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How to Downgrade Your Android Apps Full Tutorial: ...
Download Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE
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Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE Got an old netbook or laptop that needs a new lease of life? why not install this lightweight Chrome OS and turn ...
Download Downgrade Chrome back to the last version of disabling Material Design
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Disable Material Design no longer works as of Chrome v55, When Chrome users need to downgrade like v44, I problay used v54!
Download Downgrading Chrome Part 2: Chrome 44
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This video is for the people that downgraded chrome to 39 from my last video, and want to update it slightly to 44. Otherwise if you never watched the original ...
Download Downgrade from Chrome to v36 solution for getting a working Chrome Browser again in Windows
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I was able to d/l a copy of Chrome 36 and downgrade my Chrome from 52. Here's a site that has copies of past versions: ...
Download How to download and install Chrome old version for Windows, Linux and Mac
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You can download and install Chrome old version for Windows, Linux and Mac from . The linux ...
Download how to cancel chrome automatic update & downgrade for mac
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download old version no fxx survey step install old version(drag and drop Open chrome once ...
Download How to hack the Nintendo DSi (without flashcart)
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Software needed: • FlipNote-Lenny's exploit: • Unlaunch (Forgot to mention on the video): ...