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Nick Kyrgios can do almost anything on the court and he is showing it perfectly on the practice court also. Pure talent and entertainment! Music: Summer Spliffs ...
Download Nick Kyrgios Serve Compilation | Includes Slow Motion | Tennis
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A quick compilation of the Nick Kyrgios serve, which is one of the best in the world! Hope you enjoyed the video and, please subscribe if you liked it. Check out ...
Download Nick kyrgios amazing slow motion serve
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Slow motion of nick kyrgios amazing serve technique.
Download Nick Kyrgios - Slow Motion Serves - Indian Wells 2015
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Nick Kyrgios hitting serves during practice at Indian Wells 2015 (slow motion, HD).
Download Nick Kyrgios Serve - Pin Point Stance
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Summary: The pin-point stance is powerful, rhythmic and energy-efficient. It's many moving parts make it difficult to master in all conditions (sun, wind, pressure.
Download Nick Kyrgios - Big Ace in Slow Motion
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Australian Open 2016 Nick Kyrgios on the practice courts.
Download Nick Kyrgios • Training Session 2015
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This is Nick Kyrgios training session closely supervised by Lleyton Hewitt. What to focus on his forehand: 1. Racquet's head speed at the impact with the ball is ...
Download Nick Kyrgios serve slow motion
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Slow motion video of Nick Kyrgios's serve while practicing at Queen's Club.
Download Nick Kyrgios Tennis Training
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Download Serve +1 | Tennis Tactics 102 | 4K
What's a Serve +1? In this 4K instructional video Jason Frausto shows you what the Serve +1 is and why you want to use it to your advantage. What's the best ...
Download Nick Kyrgios Service 2 @ Australian Open 2016
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Nick Kyrgios Service Point.
Download Nick Kyrgios - The A-Z (2018)
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Download Nick Kyrgios Serves in Slow Motion
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A slow motion view of Nick Kyrgios' serves at the 2014 Rogers Cup during his practice on with Novak Djokovic.
Download Nick Kyrgios serve HD slow motion
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Cincinnati 2017.
Download Nick Kyrgios trick shot fail 😂
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She gets it but just can't. 🤣