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video infomation: origonal/Song: art/animation: by me programs: paint and sony vegas ************************************ Lyrics slightly changed...
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DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the music and pictures in this video. They belong to their rightful owners. Nor do I own the few video clips near the end made by the user: unpleasant pheasant***...
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WATCH IN HD PLZ Based on unpleasant pheasants video: ---------------- MASSIVE THANKS TO 11chiiyochan FOR PUTTING...
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Original by: Kliiesen = Reupload because y'all complained about low sound. -Blank and shale- ...
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In this Video, Im being taking control by Dark Vixen(Evil Ender) And Dark Vixen is killing all of her friends and she is upset! SO I did make the meme by my self, but their is one with a different...
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Please watch: "Worst Intros on YouTube #2 " --~-- INSANITY! I'm Bored To Make A Good Description So... Credits: TheMagicalPouchOfMagic(Chara...
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my first attempt and a PMV picture music video the song pitch is altered by me using sony vegas honours?: o.o Honours for this video (5) #48 -- Most Discussed (This Week) -- Entertainment...
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Timing is a little off, but oh well XD So this is Kai, who took me forever to come up with a good name for him mind you, he is one of my my OC's (Rin) brothers. Kygo is the other brother and...
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PLEASE READ IMPORTANT Going o be moving from youtube over to wenoo soon my account there is: flighty: also this video is a rough video just to get me back...
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Voilà la vidéo tant attendu, bon je sais je ne montre que un seul de mes nouveaux OC mais c'est mieux que rien ?
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SEIZURE WARNING horaay for ruining innuendos for everyone!! lol please dont ask what is this?! I dont even... well this is what happens when Im bored- I need to find ways to entertain myself...
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happy halloween kiddies :3 I think the original version of this meme is: though Im not sure (always hard to find these things)...