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"It matters how this ends... 'cause what if I never love again?" HD + SMALL SCREEN I am OBSESSED WITH A.DELE IT'S CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! THIS SONG ...
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I'm soo in love with this song! ❤ Hope you enjoy this video... I just wanna tell you guys that I'm feeling very emotional with Teen Wolf ending this sunday.
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fall in love with someone else, if i could have, i would have. HD PLEASE hello again!, i spent like three days on making this edit, I just wanted to upload just one ...
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You want what everybody wants. You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, an adventure. Maybe even a little danger.❞ I feel like I built up so much ...
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like that ✫ | multicouples ! My #AnnewithanE video will be coming out this Friday at 5:00pm EST! :) #fanvidfeed OPEN ME!
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Please watch in 720p [HD] + headphones ——————————————————————— ☆Collaboration with my two favourite girls! ✩ Susy: ...
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Ask me something: ▻ Fandoms: 50 Shades of grey, Insurgent, the hunger games, Love Rosie, If I Stay, Sense8, american ...
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''Like a dream coming to life.'' ♥ HD+ earphones if possible! voice-overs below c: Merry christmas guys!! I hope you're all spending a wonderful day with your ...
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watch in 720/1080p HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAN!!!! It's your birthday!! I managed to get my act together and finish a video for you, I hope you like it aaah! I'm so ...
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PLEASE WATCH IN 720p HD // "...don't give up, not yet, no matter how hard this gets..." Okay I'm so HAPPY to finally be uploading this! January 2014 was the ...
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Hi guys ♡ My first collab with a girl that I already like so much, Cecilie (MrsDavisBaker). She's so talentend, and so nice. So, thank you so much for what you ...
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READ READ READ! ((Was Liquidheart13)) So this is my contest entry for The Language Contest (TLC), hosted by SilverBloodStream :D I have to say I was so ...
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I OWN NOTHING! ONLY THE EDITING! Watch in HD, looks much better! Hey everyone! Here is my new video! Happy New Year everyone!!! 2017. was amazing ...
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Watch in 720p is better! +earphones :) I'm not so sure about this video but I tried to include as many couples as possible but I have missed quite a few that I love.