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Fisier incarcat de Sarah Perkins
How painful was it? What are my periods like now? Does it effect your fertility long term? How long does it last? These are all questions I was dying to ask before ...
Download My Birth Control Experience *Copper IUD*
Fisier incarcat de Dani Austin
Sharing my birth control experience with you! Read more about on my blog post: Let me know ...
Download Switching to the Copper IUD | My Experience
Fisier incarcat de Maryana Dvorska
Download The Copper Legend
Fisier incarcat de AnthonyPit1
I am the best Copper Player around, no cap Here are some of my links if you want to follow them. Twitter: Twitch: ...
Download Hair Color Tutorial | My Copper Red Shade Challenge
Fisier incarcat de Zabrena
Try Madison Reed for Yourself here: Color I used: Vesuvius Red Color Gloss for ends: Canella Cinnamon Gold Save 10% + free shipping ...
Download Kitchen tour-My copper utensils  جولة في مطبخي Tour dans ma cuisine et Mes ustensiles en cuivre
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Aprés ma dernière recette Matlou3 farcis, vous étiez nombreux à me demander des renseignements sur mes ustensiles en cuivre que j'avais utilisé Je vous ...
Download How To Dye Your Hair COPPER with Henna! My Henna Recipe
Fisier incarcat de Courtney Violetta
This method to dye your hair copper is natural and super healthy for your hair! The best part is that the color doesn't fade like chemical dyes! Yay! I love henna, if ...
Download COPPER IUD REVIEW | My Experience After 6 Months | Jordan Cornwell
Fisier incarcat de Jordan Cornwell
I have had the copper IUD for 6 months now and wanted to share my experience. I talk about why I chose it, what it was like to have it inserted, and my overall ...
Download DIY| Fiery Copper Hair
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Instagram: @peakmilll( My hair/wig site: Facebook: ...
Fisier incarcat de Sarah Perkins
Today's video is an update on my copper IUD experience. I'm talking through all my side effects, from heavy periods to unexplained bleeding. Not sure what the ...
Download Finding Something Unexpected in an Abandoned Copper Mine
What an unexpected discovery! Paul and I never imagined finding what we found deep in this abandoned copper mine in Arizona. The Warren-Bisbee Mine's ...
Download Watch me get copper IUD inserted| STEPHANIE RAW
Fisier incarcat de Stephanie Raw
This video is not graphic, but may be too much information for some people watching. It was requested that I vlog my experience getting the IUD and talk about ...
Download My Copper Penny Retirement
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Hyper Inflation is Coming! Protect Yourself with Pennies?? Check out coppers current value at I also have a land sales site at ...
Download My copper collection
Fisier incarcat de thebumproject
My copper collection I've accumulated over the months.
Download How I Removed My Copper IUD
Fisier incarcat de Danica Revamped
In this video I share how I removed my copper IUD myself. After experiencing several unpleasant side effects from it, I decided to get it out my body on my own.