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Download TFP: Subway Relic : Shock and Drop
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From: Tunnel Vision Let's hope New York City pays their sanitation workers well...
Download TFP: Subway Relic : Lock and Load
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From: Tunnel Vision As Knock Out's team unearth the Iacon relic, the Arcee and Bumblebee locate Decepticons. But they're not alone...
Download TFP: Subway Relic : Vogel vs Knock Out, Round 1
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From: Tunnel Vision Bender... uh... Vogel hits Knock Out where it hurts. His paintjob. Unfortunately, Knock Out still gets away with the relic.
Download TFP: Relic Hunt : Something Other Than An Excuse
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From: Hurt The four Decepticon relic missions report to Megatron, who is decidedly unhappy with the outcome.
Download TFP: Antarctic Relic : Apex Armor
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From: Triangulation Just seconds after Optimus Prime locates the relic, Dreadwing starts things up again. But while they're both distracted, Starscream makes his ...
Download Transformers: Prime - Heartless
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Silas commands his MECH soldiers to drill Arcee's heart out, but then she manages to escape. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: ...
Download TFP: Mountain Relic : An Obstruction Of Some Sort
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From: Triage Soundwave returns to the Nemesis successful, putting the other Decepticons to shame. However, it's not without some damage, which Doc Knock ...
Download TFP: How Very... Repellent
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From: Tunnel Vision Knock Out gets a new partner.
Download TFP: Mountain Relic : You Might Want To Grab Onto Something
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From: Triage As Daniel and Wheelie pointed out, any landing you can walk away from... is a good one.
Download Transformers: Prime
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Team Prime splits up in a race to beat Megatron to the next four Iacon relics; the first mission takes Arcee and Bumblebee deep into New York's underground.
Download transformers: prime - S1 - Ep15 - shadowzone - (1/4)
Download TFP: Knockout Attends A Street Race
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Subscribe here: From: Transformers Prime: Season 1 Episode 11 Knock attends a street race, but things take a quick turn..
Download TFP: Dissension Among the Ranks : You Allowed the Autobot to Live!?
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From: Hurt Knock Out makes his case that the Insecticons are trouble for the entire Decepticon army, not just his long-suffering paint-job. In the middle of this, ...
Download Battle Subway #2 - Autobots, Roll Out!
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So I saw transformers recently, and I've always been into it but this rekindled my love for it, and what better way to celebrate than to test some double battles!