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Download Sonic Mania - More Touhou~
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Great sprites, great music. Need I say more? Utsuho Reiju over Phantom King/Cirno over Eggman by boomsonamy45:
Download 【MOD東方】touhou x sonic heroes - team bunny
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I have soo much quota internet, but my quota end tomorrow. Rather than wasted, I wanna to upload much-much video today and tomorrow. Unfortunately only a ...
Download Sonic/Touhou Remix - Adventurous Journey [Ice Cap Zone, Beloved Tomboyish Daughter +]
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Download the song: Ice Cap Zone picture to the left by Shu-Silver: ...
Download Touhou X Sonic - Live and (un)Learn (Desire Drive Arrange)
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Original Nico Link: Original description: "Today is SEGA's Mascot Sonic birthday, so here is a popular song in S... Ah! This ...
Download A Septette With Me - Touhou x Sonic [1000 Subs Special]
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I always wanted to do something with this version of Remilia's theme, because I love it, and after playing Sonic and the Black Knight I fell in love with the final ...
Download Infinite Bad Apples - Sonic Forces/Touhou Remix
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Requested by: GiygasThinker14 Bad Apple - Instrumental (Touhou) + Infinite Theme (Sonic Forces) Next up: Corneria Factory I still allow substitutes for requests ...
Download (♪) Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Touhou Remastered)
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These hills most CERTAINLY ain't "silent"
Download Sonic Forces/ Theme of Infinite ~ Touhou Soundfont Remix
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Fan art by: DredgeTH ~ ...
Download First Look: Hypersonic Speed Girl 超速少女 [Touhou] (Steam, $9.99)
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I want to run the world earlier than anyone else! Exhilaration is outstanding, super fast scroll shooting game This game complies with the guidelines for releasing ...
Download (♪) Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Doomsday Zone V2 (Touhou Remastered)
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This isn't MUCH of an improvement, but it's definitely not going to crackle out of your headphones anymore! I'm definitely noticing that the majority of my ...
Download 【手書き】ソニックの皆さんでケロ⑨destiny【SONIC】 - Kero ⑨ Destiny: Sonic Vers
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此の動画は私んのものじゃない。ニコニコ動画からの転載です。 作者さん、いつでも下ろせって言ってね。 元リンク→
Download MUGEN~Tails(Sonic) Vs. Reimu(Touhou)
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A 1 on 1 match between Miles Tails Prower and Reimu Hakurei in MUGEN All Stars Fighting Jam. Fighters: Miles Tails Prower(Sonic) Reimu Hakurei(Touhou) ...
Download 【東方 Metal/Rock】 Touhou x Sonic ~  Live & (Un) Learn
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A better title would be 'Desire & Drive' or 'Live & Desire' or something, but whatever. Didn't have any pictures of Seiga Kaku and Sonic together on hand like I ...
Download (♪) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone (Touhou Remastered)
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I've always loved how this tune sounded... and if you have too, then you've hit the jackpot! Here's a remastering of Sonic 2's glorious Casino Night track!
Download Tails' Skypatrol PART 2 | The Touhou of Sonic Games
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Watch as I, Wolfie, take on Tails' Skypatrol. Part 2 ▻▻ Watch me live on Twitch: ▻▻ My Twitter: ...