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Download All Windows Whistler Startup And Shutdown Sounds
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Note: The Startup and Shutdown sounds at 0:09 and 0:19 are the same on those operating systems, so I made it like that.
Download Behind The Scene of Windows Whistler StartUp Sound
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Today i will showing you Behind the Scene of Microsoft Windows Whistler Startup Sound, a lot of video on YouTube say "Windows Whistler Startup Sound was ...
Download How The Fake Windows Whistler Sound Was Made
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Yes, this sound was fake. Microsoft used Windows 2000 sounds in Whistler. Twitter:
Download Windows Whistler startup sound is fake
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Gold - name says everything. More gameplays, more memes, more STREAM. Hit sub button and bell buton so you can stay tuned for future updates. #gold.
Download Windows Whistler Startup sound reversed!
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hehe W2000 backwards ;)
Download Windows Whistler Startup
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Download Windows Startup & Shutdown Sounds U1 (Windows Piano Manager-16) - Windows Supporter [REUPLOAD]
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Description: Some fake OSes are made by StomperYoshi (like Windows Impala, Windows Lonestar, Windows Mönch) and I putted in this version to get full the ...
Download Windows Whistler Startup Sound Effects Round 2
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I own nothing.
Download Fake/Incorrect Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds
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Just added more sounds/OSes. 1. Windows NT 5.0, incorrect shutdown sound. 2. Windows Millennium: Used Windows 98 sounds not Windows 2000 beta 3 ...
Download All Windows Animations (UPDATED November 2018)
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my 2nd Update on WINDOWS ANIMATIONS Added Windows 2000 Beta 3,Original Whistler,& Whistler Beta 2 Startup Sounds. Added Windows xp Media Center ...
Download Windows Startup Sounds in Reverse
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Time for the reversed sounds!
Download Windows Whistler Startup Sound
Taken from Windows XP.
Download Windows Whistler Build 2446 Booting Up And Shutting Down
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Download Windows ME Extended Theme
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This is an extended version of the Windows ME startup sound. This song was one of my favorite startup sounds. The original theme was done by the Microsoft ...
Download Windows Whistler Build 2428
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Another Whistler build, but this time we have the Luna theme! DOWNLOAD: