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Download All Windows Whistler Startup And Shutdown Sounds
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Note: The Startup and Shutdown sounds at 0:09 and 0:19 are the same on those operating systems, so I made it like that.
Download Behind The Scene of Windows Whistler StartUp Sound
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Today i will showing you Behind the Scene of Microsoft Windows Whistler Startup Sound, a lot of video on YouTube say "Windows Whistler Startup Sound was ...
Download Windows Whistler Startup sound reversed!
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hehe W2000 backwards ;)
Download Windows Whistler Startup
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Download Installing Windows Whistler
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It's the beta of XP and it's pretty interesting. Builds used: 5.0.2202.0 5.1.2267.1.
Download Windows Whistler Startup Sound
Taken from Windows XP.
Download All Windows Whistler Startup And Shutdown Sounds
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Download Windows Whistler Build 2446 Booting Up And Shutting Down
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Download All Windows Whistler Sounds ᴴᴰ
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Dark Parodies is Back! This year we will be bringing you more Windows Sounds from the classic and modern versions of Windows , more Sound effects, new ...
Download Windows Whistler with fake REMASTERED startup and shutdown sounds!
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Hi guys! This is my first video, so please suscribe and like this video! I "remastered" the fake startup and shutdown sounds of Windows Whistler Startup: it's only ...
Download Fake and Real Windows Whistler Sounds. Must see
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There is a real sound for windows whistler but there is a fake sound also you can see it here in the video. Now there is a menu chose some thing and jump to ...
Download Windows Codename Whistler startup and shutdown sound(Alternate)
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Download Windows Startup Sounds in Reverse
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Time for the reversed sounds!
Download Hidden Windows Whistler Startup Sound!
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This is what happens when you try to start Windows Whistler when the evaluation copy expired in late 2001.
Download Windows Whistler Startup and shutdown sounds (FAKE)
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The Windows Whistler Startup and shutdown sounds. Download Links: (DEAD DUE TO THE SHUTDOWN OF MEGAUPLOAD) ...